Program Management

KYREMA brings an external, experimented and independent vision towards the various stages of your projects, from the bid award to production phase and in-service support activities.

General management objectives benefit from valuable insights such as the overall mapping of the program. Overall mapping includes technical gates, quality, cost at completion reviews, contractual obligations, customers and suppliers’ relations, risks and opportunities, internal and external communication strategies.

Programs in difficult situation

Program levels of complexity reinforce the risks of loss of control, additional delays on delivery, and cost overrun.

KYREMA has a solid track record of driving change through complexity in a positive direction.
KYREMA helps you develop and execute  operational strategies to navigate successfully through the crisis.
KYREMA conducts operational audit, defines recovery plan, offers solutions which which may be  implemented within the teams, afterwards.
KYREMA assists you in technical and financial negotiation in order to limit penalties.

Executive coaching and mentoring

KYREMA, via mentoring or executive coaching, is delivering deep program management expertise, through customized operational support focus, on the specific of a situation whether it be a new project manager assigned or program manager experiencing a major crisis.

KYREMA may participate in dedicated training courses, allowing fast implementation of Program Management best practices.

Implementation of partnership – cooperation and technology transfer set-up

KYREMA believes a balanced collaboration should provide additional expertise to both parts, plus/or facilitate extra market shares.
Therefore, KYREMA provides support in building the cooperation frame, negotiating the work shares whilst implementing your partnerships.

KYREMA is moreover fully capable to assist in identifying, shaping and negotiating technology transfer projects in order to consider them as new source of growth and efficiency.

Qualification and certification

Acceptance and delivery criteria, certification requirements are crucial in negotiating and fulfilling contracts.

Substantiated justifications shall be collected during the program life, and especially during the development phase, driving precise demonstrations, modelling and testing evidence.

KYREMA is deeply rooted in qualification and certification issues, including a solid track record in fly testing. KYREMA expertise brings sustainable added value to its clients, mastering planning and ensuring end-users satisfaction.

State agencies support

Structuring the innovation industry may become a sovereignty challenge.
KYREMA is standing beside the stakeholders, especially when drone related, shaping the ecosystem, contributing to the structuring of the sector, and advising about the international context solutions.

Company strategy – senior advisor

Company drone related strategy should be aligned with legal and regulatory frameworks, aware of the surrounding environment trends and competitors’ targets. With a comprehensive and worldwide vision, KYREMA, acting as Senior advisor to General Management, provides customized walkthroughs .

Lectures and Conferences

KYREMA provides expert briefings and conferences, to public stakeholders, universities and professional audience, spanning various areas of focus from drones to the international defence and security policies.

Since 2015, KYREMA has established a partnership with the Defence and Aerospatial Chair backed by Sciences Po Bordeaux, providing lectures on a regular basis.

KYREMA also participates in drones focused conferences and events such as the innovative UAS use-cases and Drones uses in Medical Logistics.