Drone international markets will offer attractive growth perspectives in the next decade. After having been used in the professional audio-visual industry, drones are now shaping the future of asset management, such as infrastructure inspection, construction, surveillance…and agriculture.

The time is now ripe for the emergence of Drones in Urban Air mobility and Smart Cities. Drone eco-system is currently brimming with projects at various maturity levels, tackling safety and security issues with more or less accuracy.

Thanks to KYREMA large experience of military and civil aviation, KYREMA helps companies integrating aeronautics fundamentals with massive disruptive innovations.

As a motto, KYREMA believes the use of drones is particularly relevant in medical logistics and emergency services. Drones could transform medical support and access to care for those patients living in difficult-to-reach places. KYREMA is deeply committed to achieving these “drones for good” use-cases.


Civil and Military

Thanks to in-depth understanding of the challenges and consequences in terms of strategic, technical, financial, end-user’s satisfaction, KYREMA is helping mastering complexity. KYREMA takes action supporting teams going through contract negotiation and contracts execution.

With proven experience in aircraft development and embedded system integration testing, KYREMA joins your project from the kick-off activities to the program closing gates.
KYREMA helps you consolidating your development, qualification and certification logic. KYREMA aims to rebalance the situation, leading the program to a sustainable and profitable future.
KYREMA is operating income oriented. KYREMA is dedicated to producing lasting change, working closely with the field crews.

Maritime Patrol and Surveillance Aircraft

Special Mission Aircraft

KYREMA is deeply rooted in Maritime patrol and Maritime Surveillance mission aircraft.

From being part of the anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare operations, to the protection of maritime approaches, and search and rescue missions, the Maritime Patrol aircraft are key assets, strategic and multi missions.
Their usefulness over land has been demonstrated many times.

Some of their missions are shared with Maritime Surveillance Aircraft.

UASs can, however, potentially supplement maritime patrol aircraft in roles ranging from maritime traffic surveillance to fisheries policing.

Fitting a carrier with a fully-fledged mission system represents usually a moderate risk development, when correctly mastered.

Standing by French and worldwide clients, KYREMA also supported some flying boats Program activities

Complex systems

System Integration - Ground and Naval environment – Automotive and Transportation - Urban Air Mobility

Global system approach is the forerunner for the military and civilian prospective studies.
The golden rules of integration are built on systems engineering skills and high knowledgeable validation experience within demanding environment requirements.
KYREMA leverages its knowledge in system integration to provide support in complex and innovative system development, designing comprehensive roadmap to Urban Air Mobility and multimodal connections.