KYREMA is a France based entity. Initially aerospace, commercial and military aviation oriented, KYREMA places its knowledge to facilitate complex and innovative products development. Standing by French and worldwide clients, KYREMA supports General Directorates and Program Management teams.

KYREMA has gained a comprehensive overview of world-wide drone eco-systems. KYREMA objective is to help clients, stakeholders and end-users, develop compelling and effective strategies integrating realistic and innovative drone roadmap.

KYREMA is taking part to the Urban Air Mobility and Smart Cities challenges, in addition to being deeply involved in medical drones delivery.

KYREMA is participating actively to the High Level French Civil Aviation Authority advisory body for UAVs, and to the Club Sud Drones Steering Committee.

Mariane Renaux

Cutting edge strategic advice and performance catalyst

KYREMA wants to be a performance catalyst, dedicated to its clients.

KYREMA provides its expertise in structuring and managing large, complex, innovative programs and hands-on collaboration to clients across Europe and abroad.

Relying on deep aeronautics industry background, KYREMA is delivering cutting edge strategic advice to consulting firms, Stakeholders, Shareholders, OEM, End-users, Smart Cities architects and Urban Air Mobility providers.

Why choosing Kyrema ?

KYREMA works in various environments with different company sizes. Its double skilled expertise of both civilian and military industries and markets are crucial for missions effectiveness.
Global by ambition, French by origin, KYREMA provides its expertise worldwide. KYREMA stands alongside its customers in their cooperation challenges, and support the teams, as a full life cycle partner, in developing the product, from negotiations to product delivery.
Used to defence environment, KYREMA is applying the same confidentiality rules to all projects and collaborations. Non-disclosure is part of KYREMA DNA.

KYREMA wants to give honest guidance, with the right answer and the best solution. Excellence, Trust, Honesty, Loyalty, integrity, Uprightness, are the foundation of KYREMA values proposal. KYREMA ensures not to be in any conflict of interest situation. If such an issue should occur, KYREMA will immediately take decisions to stop this conflicting situation as fast as possible.

KYREMA large international and multicultural experience ensures its adaptability to the client cultural background and country.