JAPAN spring 2021 : Drones and Hanami

Japan is already famous for its Sakura blossoms. Is Japan becoming a top leader with Japanese Airlines operating drone medical services?

No doubt, Japanese Industry and Government are dedicated to enhance drone medical deliveries.

On the government side, Japan’s cabinet has recently introduced a bill to revise the Aviation Act, targeting industry fast recovery after the pandemic.

One of the amendments establishes a framework to streamline procedures for BVLOS flights in manned Airspace. These Level 4 flights will be performed by a safety certified UAV system, operated by qualified operators .

Next year, the government is expected to allow drones to be flown out of the operator’s sight in densely populated areas.

Previously, flights required national permits and approval. The latest amendments had been promulgated in sept.2015, and March2016, defining the drone flights prohibited areas.

On the Industry side, Japanese Airlines are preparing themselves to catch this expected 79.7 billion yen( in fiscal year 2025) market.

Last week, ANA Holdings announced they will launch delivery services using a German UAV system from Wingcopter company. ANA expects daily services to remote islands and disaster zones.

ANA has been testing drone transportation on remote islands since 2018.

Last September, Japan Airlines and US based Matternet signed a MOU to access drone delivery healthcare opportunities and develop a future drone healthcare delivery business in Japan.