New opportunities for UAS

In the context of “The Certification Together International Conference for the Aeronautical Industry”,  KYREMA is proud to be invited to highlight the innovative UAS use-cases, together with worldwide Certification authorities and Certification experts from the Industry.

It will happen March, 10th in Toulouse, during the Plenary Session.

Drones can have civilian or military uses. On the Civilian side, Drone use for recreational and professional purposes is growing, as technology becomes cheaper and more sophisticated.

According to DGAC, out of 148 000 UAV registered, professional uses would concern almost 11 %. And for these 16000 drones, permissions obtained for commercial drone operators in France increased from 7500 in 2018 to #9000 in 2019. In UK, they  doubled to over 5,000 from February 2017 to May 2019.

Individuals, commercial entities, and governments have come to realize that drones have multiple uses, from Aerial photography for journalism and film to Urban Air mobility challenges.

On one side, development of hundreds of more uses of drones are underway due to the massive investments pouring into this promising industry every day. 

On the other side, the new European drone rules will come into force as of 1st July 2020. The new rules will cover each operation type from those not requiring prior permission, to those involving certified aircraft and operators, as well as minimum remote pilot training requirements.

Therefore, technologies and regulations have to come together, with Safety Risk Assessment both on ground and in the air, allowing challenging UAS operations.  

KYREMA presentation will aim to provide an overview of the current situation and short-mid term relevant projects, traditional and innovative targeted operations.